Self destruction and the Boo Beings

Present circumstances and nostalgia are the catalyst for my thoughts being penned today, surely though that is true of many days. But never has it seemed more poignant a time to reflect than now as the politics at home seem to be eerily similar to the past and old conflicts rage on. The most pressing of these old conflicts is the tense standoff with North Korea (DPRK) which after the sinking of a South Korea vessel has shown signs of elevating itself to a lot more than a standoff. As of Sunday the USA & South Korea are staging war games in the Sea of Japan and the Democratic People’s Republic  of Korea stands with its finger on the button, or so they would have us believe.

This rather startling state of affairs lead me to look at my own life, our country and at others around me, asking myself is self destruction inevitable?



So there I was

So there I was, the best stories in life always begin with ‘So there I was’. The reason being that the sentiment implies a sudden revelation based on your current circumstance. This has certainly been true in my life and I often find myself approaching one of these moments. I shuffle my feet, look down and while slowly drawing back my head I sigh. A slow biting of the bottom lip can often finish off this involuntary move perfectly. It is an unmasked gesture that indicates to the world in the subtlest of tones, a body in reflection.


Left 4 Dead 2

For those of you who are new to the left 4 dead series, I’ll keep things simple; the game is based around four survivors struggling to stay alive in a post apocalyptic zombie ridden world. Your mission? To make it from safe house A to safe house B without being, clawed, spat on, burned, crushed, dissolved, strangled… the list goes on. But that’s it, that’s the premise and in so many ways that’s the beauty of the game. It’s basic drive for simple pleasure with a focus on playability.


Section A:



This is a genuine copy of Mr Noel Pooling’s journal on inhabiting planets. Due to the author’s untimely ascent to the status of Dead, copyright could not be obtained. Subsequently this book contains authorised and unauthorised sexism, ageism, lifism (hatred of life), wit, ideas, beliefs and sarcasm which do not abide by ‘The Rule of Man by Men’ to which all beings; human and sub-satisfactory, are now bound.

The Rule of Man by Men. 2032. (c.0-929), London: The Old Boys Fellowship.




It is an unarguable fact that everything comes from somewhere, even black holes, although admittedly they go nowhere. This guide is a reassuring example of a piece of work that comes from somewhere and goes absolutely nowhere. It is the result of a comprehensive study of N.Poolings works and features every last piece discovered of his writings on Planetary Inhabitation. The full document which was written in fragments over several years by Mr. Noel Pooling, begins with the first article ever found which was written in 2060 at the very height of celestial inhabitations entitled simply ‘Instalment: A.QZ Section 74’ also known as ‘Location’.


BBC defends decision to allow Nick Griffin onto Question Time…

The BBC make a last stand over their decision on the eve of the big night

The BBC make a last stand over their decision on the eve of the big night

The BBC last night stood firm in it’s decision to all the BNP leader Nick Griffin to appear on Thursday nights question time. Since the announcement of the BNP leaders guest spot there has been growing outrage and calls for the BBC to prevent him from appearing. On the eve of the big event Mark Byford, BBC Director General, put up a stern front on the  BBCs final decision. The show must go on!


Today is the day of reckoning, time to sort my twitter account and blog out once and for all, I’m going digital!