First of all, thank you for finding my page. It’s a big internet out there and my blog is just a very small part of it, so welcome! I hope you enjoy your time with me.

My blog is a series of text written from aspect of my life, I try to remain as truthful as possible in all my pieces, except obviously my creative writing. There are 3 main sections to my blog and they are as follows;

Rant – These articles will be pieces directly related to something happening in public life which have irked me enough to write about it.

Amble – These articles are simply my drifting thoughts on subjects. Perhaps i’ve come to a conclusion about something due to events in my life or sometimes I might just explore an idea by writing about it.

Creative – These articles are pure fiction, it is my chance to exercise the fantastical muscle and explore imagination. They are light hearted and hopefully an enjoyable parchment for you to peruse.

So! Bold adventurer you are now equipped with all the tools you need to explore my blog. I openly encourage feedback and comments and I am not writing from the vantage point that I’m right and everyone else is wrong. Life is about stating a position, clarifying it through debate and changing your position in light of new information. No one knows everything but through open discussion we can all know a little bit more and understand the world that surrounds us a little bit better, hopefully.

William Goodspeed.


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